“My only special interest is you!”

A Thank You Message From Claire Ball

It has been a long journey, and it was a long night - but we had a lot of fun and I wound up with over 182,000 votes! That is the most votes received out of any Libertarian Comptroller candidate, proving to me that we have a strong message and ARE making a difference.

I want to thank everyone who has helped in this campaign, but first my lovely husband Brian Lambrecht. Brian managed my campaign, booking all my events, overseeing my website, relentlessly reaching out to media, driving me all over the state, proofreading my article comments, and most importantly kept me motivated every weekend with home-cooked meals (fun fact, you are well fed on my campaign team). I may be the candidate, but he is my rock. My very, very, animated rock, giving me love and support when I need it the most. It may be clichéd, but no truer words will I ever write: I could not have done this without you, Brian.

My gratitude must also go to Jeni Floyd, my computer guru and photo-editing extraordinaire, who made sure professionalism flowed from every social media outlet. She had to listen to my speeches (over and over) when I filmed my YouTube ads, then she had to listen again (over and over) as she edited them. She probably knows my sound bites just as well as I do, by now. Crystal Jurczynski for helping me shape and craft my message, critiquing my survey answers, and ensuring I was saying what I wanted to say in the best way possible. Both of these endearing individuals also listened to me when I was tired and gave me the support I needed when I was stressed. Thank you Steve Dutner, my event travel buddy and Head Lackey. He came with me to every campaign event he could, whether it involved getting up at five am on a Saturday or sitting in a car for five hours for something that lasted an hour. He helped cart around my materials, set up booths and parades, and enjoyed the sweeping vistas of Illinois cornfields. Thank you, Linda Foertsch for dealing with my limited schedule and still having me as your Matron of Honor, and supplying me gluten-free cookies and goodies to keep me motivated. Thank you to Kent McMillen for joining me on the campaign trail and keeping me laughing through every town we drove through.

Thank you to every person who helped to collect over 53 thousand signatures to get me on the ballot. Thank you to every single Libertarian chapter for doing literature walks, for organizing events, for walking in parades, and for their unwavering support. Thank you to all the chapter chairs and members of Chicago LP, Fox Valley, Lake, Whiteside, Will, Illinois Valley, Macon, Champaign, Southern IL, South Central IL, Tri-Counties, Capitol City, Metro East, Clinton, Peoria, DeKalb, Kankakee, Bond/Fayette, McLean, and of course DuPage. There are too many individuals to name, but believe me when I say that I am grateful for all you have done.

Thank you to Lex Green and Krysta Walker for making ballot access possible in the almost impossible state of Illinois. I want to thank Steve Bosak and Julie Fox for their expert advice and counsel. Thank you every person that commented on and shared my Facebook and Twitter posts, came out to events, and of course everyone whom decided that I was worth their vote.

I am not discouraged by my results, and I don't want anyone else to be. This is not just one race for one position run by one person. This is about the cultivation of a change in our government; one long rooted and deeply entrenched. It is a change by the people, and for the people. The change in two party idea - that individuals must fall into one of two camps or else the "other guys" will win - is slowly being pushed back. More and more people see the two major parties as not holding the best interests of those they are supposed to serve, and more people are willing to look past the myths and vote 3rd party. This is no small undertaking and it will not flourish overnight. This change, this shift in attitude, regarding political parties and how they align with individual values, gains more ground with every election. I am thrilled to be part of it.

I think my message may take root much sooner, as it makes much more sense. An accountant for the accounting job is an idea everyone can get behind, once they know about it. I am not done, and this is not over. I will continue to investigate this office and report out everything that does not make financial sense, keeping all of us as informed as possible. Make no mistake - I plan to run again in 2018, so I hope all of you will stick around for the next chapter of this journey. I will make more of a nuisance out of myself next time around, and make it even more difficult for the media to ignore us - I can promise you that. Ultimately, however, this is not about me. This is about all of US and the change WE want in our lives. I could not have gone this far without you, and I am truly humbled and incredibly grateful for your time, your energy, your support.

I mean this from the core of my being to every single one of you - thank you.